Celebrities Into NFTs

Celebrities began investing their money in non-fungible tokens in 2022. They are referred to as NFTs. You don’t need to comprehend what an NFT is since Altalix has an article that will walk you through it! (Read: What are NFTs?) If more individuals become aware of and interested in NFTs, their value may increase. That is why they get so much attention from celebrities. They require you to understand how to acquire an NFT (usually, you must use Ethereum, a cryptocurrency available on Altalix) so that you may invest in a handful and then inform others of your ownership like with the Tory Lanez NFT. 

It’s not surprising that the next fad to sweep the globe originates in the crypto realm, with the popularity of non-fungible tokens or NFTs, skyrocketing in the past year. NFTs have increased in popularity and price over the last year, thanks to celebrity tweets and videos endorsing them and thousands of followers who purchase the stuff they offer.

NFTs are unique blockchain-based assets due to the information included in smart contracts that uniquely identify them. Celebrities have now used NFTs to tokenize anything from music to images to artwork. Here are some of the most prominent Hollywood celebrities who have entered and profited from the NFT industry.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg published “A Journey with the Dogg,” a compilation of NFT-inspired artwork, an original composition titled “NFT,” and “Snoop Dogg Coins.” Snoop Dogg earned approximately $100,000 for only one of the items sold during the NFT drop, which lasted just 48 hours.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, released her first NFT in collaboration with Super Plastic, a vinyl toy, and digital collectibles firm sponsored by Google Ventures and Justin Timberlake. Hilton sold her Iconic Crypto Queen NFT collection for $1.1 million in April 2021. She now has 141 pieces.


Grimes, a musician, has sold $6 million worth of her one-of-a-kind digital artworks. Grimes was one of the first few well-known celebrities to see the opportunity to profit from non-fungible tokens by amassing collections of their own digital art. Grimes’ WarNymph collection of ten pieces established Grimes as one of the most popular NFT producers, thereby generating high demand for her collection.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, the famous American actress and star of “Mean Girls,” created her own token on Rarible in February 2021, which allegedly sold for $50,000. On the decentralized social marketplace Fansforever, Lohan published her tune “Lullaby” as an NFT. Additionally, Lohan sold a $15, 000 NFT of the now-defunct EDM combo Daft Punk.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes, a musician, joined the NFT marketplace OpenSea and collaborated with Genies to develop an NFT based on his album ‘Wonder.’ Mendes gained about $600,000 from the sale of digital wearables, which included a guitar, necklaces, waistcoat, and earrings. Shawn Mendes sold nearly $1 million in digital items in ten minutes, according to Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies.


Eminem, an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer, generated $1.8 million last year with his first batch of NFTs on Nifty Gateway. Digital action figurines, characters from Eminem’s videos, and unique musical compositions were among the products offered.

Logan Paul

NFTs have become a part of his brand. Logan Paul’s NFT lifestyle is shown all over his social media. Like his fellow influencers, Logan Paul has been immersed in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, purchasing pricey works of digital art and even selling them for exorbitant prices. Logan indicated that after selling a World of Women NFT for around $765,000 in early January 2022, the figure barely scratches the bottom of the barrel. Logan and the crew discussed NFTs on his Impaulsive podcast, discussing the host’s excellent fortune due to his sales.

However, as seen by his $765k sale, many of his works will not appeal to individuals trying to sweep the floor. He may not earn $765k on all of them, but even at the base price, he is profiting – and he might potentially earn ten times that amount.

John Terry

John Terry NFTs aren’t doing well. According to The Athletic, despite Terry’s zealous promoting efforts in recent months, some of his ‘Ape Kids Football Club’ NFTs are currently selling for as little as £49.

The former Chelsea captain came under fire for promoting the digital art collection on social media, however, it looks as if virtually all of his postings on the NFTs have been erased.

All that remains are a few supporting postings about other NFT collections, such as the now-famous ‘Bored Yacht Club,’ to which celebrities such as Steph Curry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Eminem have all contributed. Terry’s NFTs, however, initially sold for an average of $656 (£497) per upon debut on February 2nd, but had decreased to $65 (£49) by March 8th. This should be a reminder that investments are not always concrete, and you must do your research before getting involved.