A Series About Crypto Is Coming

Noma, a Japanese film company, has stated that it will produce three feature-length films based on the cryptocurrency industry. The Rhetoric Star, the first film, is currently under development and will be released in 2024.

In a statement issued to Cointelegraph on Tuesday, Taichi Ito, the creator of Noma and the series’ producer, said that the trilogy intends to educate information about the cryptocurrency sector via an imaginative narrative. In addition, Ito highlighted with pride that his team is comprised of Bitcoin (BTC) specialists and the acclaimed sound designer Sefi Carmel. In addition, he expressed optimism that The Rhetoric Star would “revolutionize” how viewers learn about bitcoin.

How Is It Coming Together

Mai Fujimoto, the chief executive officer of the blockchain company Gracone, located in Tokyo, and Ryo Nakatsuji, an executive at the Japanese publishing company CoinPost, are also the producers of the video series. Meanwhile, the well-known Japanese animator Haruna Gohzu, who has contributed her talents to such well-known anime series as Pokémon, Fairy Tail, and Demon Slayer, will be in charge of the animations for the movie.

Sefi Carmel, who is responsible for developing the sounds for the videos, noted that the team intends to produce a series that conveys insights from crypto professionals all around the globe to the general public in a manner that is “creative and approachable.” He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to become a member of the team and his enthusiasm about the direction the world is headed: “a virtual future depending on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the like.”

Crypto Entertainment

Animoca Brands, a blockchain gaming company, announced the creation of a subsidiary in Japan in February of 2022, with the intention of converting Japanese content into nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Anime like Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia has contributed to the creation of this material. In addition to anime, the company plans to investigate material in the fields of gaming, the arts, and sports.

The most popular social messaging service in Japan, Line, collaborated with a Japanese entertainment firm called Yoshimoto Kogyo to develop an NFT marketplace in the month of April in 2022. The social network made the announcement that it would provide its user base with up to 40,000 NFTs. Ethereum will be needed for this so make sure you purchase your crypto safely from a reputable cryptocurrency gateway like Altalix

Why Is This Form Of Learning Important

Many individuals are scared of banks and other financial organizations, but there are many reasons why it isn’t the best choice for them to store all of their cash in their houses. However, even a hint of an economic downturn may lead people to experience significant amounts of stress and worry about the money they have put aside.

Cryptocurrency makes it possible to reclaim control of one’s financial resources from central banks and place them again in individual users’ hands. It is exempt from the restrictions and guidelines that are enforced by banks and other types of financial organizations. It is a positive thing when more individuals are given the opportunity to get control over their own financial situation. Additionally, this is just one more reason why the introduction of cryptocurrencies will make the world a better place.